Wedding Entertainment 

PLM Events is an entertainment company specializing in weddings. 

We provide Professional DJ Services with high-end sound equipment and impressive lighting. Our packages are designed to be adjustable for any venue or client's needs, and also we offer several additional features to enhance your event. Our services are highly rated and recommended by many of our previous clients and we are proud to say that we can provide you with the best wedding entertainment in Santorini.

Wedding DJ Services in Santorini

We are dedicated to helping people celebrate the greatest moments of their lives!

Entertainment is essential for your wedding celebration. This is why choosing the right DJ is crucial, especially if you planning a destination wedding. We offer you consultation for a successful wedding reception to lead your celebration to the next level. Furthermore, during the planning process, we can work closely in selecting the music for your event and help you to organize the playlist and the important songs by giving you suggestions and ideas based on our knowledge and experience, and also we can guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any request if you want something very specific. Plus, we can advise you on the timeline of events to make sure everything will be as you have dreamed of! 

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Santorini stands proudly amongst the top wedding destinations worldwide. 

The infinite blue of the sky and sea, combined with the white-washed buildings and blue domes on the caldera cliffs will be the spectacular background for your wedding. Santorini is a unique place to get married for its volcanic beauty, vigorous culture, great weather and the breathtaking sunset. The astonishing caldera views with the niche architecture, the magnetic energy, the wine culture, and local cuisine will offer to you and to your guests an amazing lifetime experience.

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