Tips and Tricks for a successful wedding reception

Technically the wedding ceremony where you actually tie the knot is the most important part of the day. Secretly, every couple and guest knows that a great party to end the night is what they're really looking forward to. There's no better feeling than all your favourite people gathered dancing and singing along. So, how do you get the party started and keep it going? Keep reading down below to find seven tips that will help you create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

1. Listen to your DJ

Talk to him about your personal music preferences and ask for his suggestions. He will be able to advise you on what works when it comes to party music. Also, ask your guests for some song requests and give him general guidance. An experienced DJ will already know how to read the crowd and play the type of music they're enjoying. 

2. Create a floor plan conducive to dancing 

Couples are often worried that their dancefloor will be too small, but it's equally important to make sure that the dancefloor isn't too big. Otherwise, it'll look empty no matter how many people you have out there.

3. Set the perfect mood right from the start

The cocktail hour is the perfect time to set the mood for the rest of the evening. No need to wait for the night to enjoy happy and upbeat music, the cocktail hour can be fun and this will help your guests to maintain a happy feeling during the night.

4. Timing is everything

You don't want to clear the dancefloor in the middle of a great party to do your cake cutting because it may kill the flow. Consider cutting your cake, toasts, and speeches between or after dinner courses, before the dancing officially kicks off.

5. Make sure there's a bar nearby

Because cocktails always encourage guests to let loose! The bar should be near or in the same area as the dancefloor. If it's in another spot, you're going to quickly lose dancers.

6. Engage the audience

Have your guests a bit more interactive. A fun way is to have one or two special dances to perform with family and friends or even singing! Just be creative! DJs can also orchestrate some fun competitions or games.

7. Make sure you and your groom are on the spot

Last but certainly not least, make sure you're out there and at the centre of it all. No one can resist a smiling bride and groom on the dancefloor! 

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How to book the best DJ for your wedding

Entertainment is very important for a successful wedding reception. Choosing the right DJ is crucial, especially if you planning a destination wedding. 

So the thing is, do you value a good DJ, good music, a good party? If having a great DJ is high to your priorities, keep reading to find out what things to check and what to avoid. Let's say that you are about to book your wedding DJ. Excited? Yes! What is the first thing you need to do?

The answer is Google him. The first thing you need to do is to Google him. If Google doesn't know him then you shouldn't get to know him. You have to be able to check his website, his social media, his pictures and videos of previous events, his reviews, testimonials and recommendations to make sure that he is a professional, experienced and qualified to provide you with the music entertainment you and your guests looking for.

Also, try to avoid faceless bookings. Some DJ companies have the tactic to book the service without giving you any info about the DJ and then last minute they assign to you any DJ they can find available on your date. You don't want that for your wedding day. You should be able to talk to him days or even months before the event to make sure you are on the same page and to finalize together every single detail of your celebration.
Go over your music selection, double-check the important songs and timeline of events to make sure everything will be as you have dreamed of. The personality is something important as well. It's always good to have the peace of mind that your vendors are flexible and they are willing to accommodate your needs, but this is something you'll find out only if you meet with your vendors prior to the big day. Last but not least, their clarity and responsiveness to your questions or concerns during the planning process are definitely checkboxes that must be checked too.

Your event decor will be beautiful and the food will be delicious, but what your guests will really remember is how much fun they had. Keep that in mind and I'm sure this will help you to choose the right DJ for your once in a lifetime celebration.

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