Sound and lighting packages for weddings in Santorini

Choose your package to begin planning your celebration! 

Everything you need to know about each package is detailed below.

These packages are our main suggestions and are adjustable for any venue. However, if you don't find something that fits your needs, or if you want a bespoke package, please send us your requirements and we will suggest a package according to your desires.

All packages include: 

  • DJ Services by Elias PLM
  • Guidance for an exciting reception 
  • Properly positioned sound equipment
  • Wireless microphone for speeches and toasts
  • Clean and safe installation
  • Exceptional music library including all genres 
  • Personalized playlists & song requests
  • Basic MC Services (announcements, introductions)
  • Efficient teamwork with your wedding planner

Below is a short video of the Prime Package in action. This is exactly what you can expect to see when you book the Prime Package. LOVE, LAUGHTER & COMPLETE ENJOYMENT !!!

Additional Features

  • Fairy Lights
  • Mirror ball
  • Ultra HD TV Screen
  • Illuminated LOVE letters 
  • Fireworks and special effects 
  • Sound equipment and technical support for singers and musicians 

*The lighting and all the additional features are coming only combined with our DJ services. 

For safe installation and proper operation of the lights, the lighting units will be installed on truss stands or tripod stands depending on the needs of the event.

The Process

After the booking confirmation and during the planning process we'll be at your disposal for any help you may need to organize your music selection and your important songs. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for ideas, suggestions, or any questions you may have. We'll meet 3-4 days before the event to finalize together every single detail of your celebration. We'll go over your music selection, double-check the important songs and the timeline of events to make sure everything will be as you have dreamed of.

We are here to create everlasting memories for you! We have many customers who agree with that. 

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