Are wedding DJs expensive?


Why do people think wedding DJs are expensive and why this is not true?

This is a hot topic, and I want to share some inside knowledge to help you understand why you pay these costs.

DJing may seem like a dream job, but it's also a lot of work.

DJs work an average of 12-18 hours for every event, sometimes even more. DJ fees account not just for the time they spend playing songs at your party but also for the time they spend preparing your playlists to ensure the perfect wedding day. Also, the time and the hard work of preparing and carrying the gear, setting up and breaking down the sound equipment they need to bring, as any extras such as lighting, etc. 

It is very important to keep in mind that the DJ gear (sound system and lighting) is very expensive, so the investment the DJ has made to deliver the best possible services for you is something to consider. 

Something necessary to consider is that DJs are on their feet for hours, and despite the fatigue, they keep their eye on the crowd, managing the overall mood of the party and working closely with the planner to keep the event on schedule.

Needless to say, especially in Santorini, due to weather conditions and hardly accessible venues, the hard work that suppliers have to put in multiples and this factor is often underestimated.

When you book a wedding DJ, you are not booking him only for music selection. You are paying for the experience, energy, mixing ability, and expertise to control the atmosphere by ensuring the guests feel welcome, involved, and always having fun.

Many other factors can also determine the price. Running an entertainment company comes with liabilities, as in any other business. So, the price of the service is also determined by:

- Cost for business license and business run (permission, taxes, insurance, internet, website hosting, etc)
- Cost for equipment (purchase, maintenance)
- Cost for music (subscriptions, purchases)
- Cost for transfer (fuel and vehicle maintenance)
- Cost for the actual performance (skills, knowledge, experience, time)
- Cost for employee salaries
... to name a few.

Now that you know more about our profession, you can appreciate our dedication and commitment to helping you bring your dream wedding to life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.