Do I need fairy lights at my wedding in Santorini?


Fairy lights are a popular choice for wedding decor in Santorini due to their enchanting and romantic ambience. 

They're often installed above the dining setups or dancing areas, creating a magical setting along with the island's stunning landscapes. Couples use them to enhance the dreamy atmosphere during evening celebrations, complementing the natural beauty of Santorini.
It is important to clarify that this type of lighting might be magical and can certainly add a romantic touch to your wedding. Still, it cannot provide the required luminance for a wedding celebration by itself as it mainly serves decorative purposes. 

Proper lighting fixtures need to be used for the much-needed luminance of the dinner and the dance floor. A combination of the main lighting fixtures with the fairy lights will provide your celebration the perfect atmosphere and this will also lead to more vibrant pictures and videos of your event. 

The fairy lights have many types but the most usual for weddings are the strings, the raindrops and the curtains. Strings are mainly installed above the dancing areas, the rain-drop setups are often installed above dinner tables and the curtains are hung against the walls or windows. However, everything depends on the couple's preferences and the venue environment. Custom requirements can be applied where possible.

Creating these setups requires a lot of gear, time, and effort which is why this service comes with a high cost.