Prices are valid for 2024 & 2025, VAT included. 

Make sure you read the policy before booking.


Find below detailed information on each package and start planning your celebration by selecting the perfect one for you!

These are the primary recommended package options, which can be easily adapted to various venues. 

If none of these meets your needs or preferences, or you're looking for a tailored package, please send us your requirements, and we'll suggest a custom package based on your desires. 

Add-on Services

*The lighting and all the add-ons are offered only combined with our DJ services

All packages include: 

  • DJ Services by Elias PLM
  • Guidance for an exciting reception 
  • Properly positioned sound equipment
  • Wireless microphone for speeches 
  • Clean and safe installation
  • Exceptional music library including all genres 
  • Personalized playlist & song requests
  • Basic MC Services (announcements, introductions)
  • Efficient teamwork with your wedding planner 

Easy and fast booking process and planning

  • Online form for music info submission

Terms And Conditions

The booking and cancellation policies constitute the entire agreement between our company and the Client. By signing the contract and booking our services, the Client agrees to the policy of PLM Events.

Booking Policy

Bookings are confirmed after the contract is signed and the deposit is paid.

The deposit required for booking is non-refundable.

The balance payment is due three days before the event.

For better correspondence and organization, the event's planning process and all the info for services, timings, requirements, additional features, etc., must be emailed and confirmed in writing.

The booking reserves the DJ and equipment for this contract's listed day and venue. An additional booking is required for pre- or after-wedding events on different days.

The DJ provides musical entertainment and sound and lighting equipment based on the Client's selected package. Extra sound and lighting equipment can be provided upon request at an additional cost.

Any Client requests for extended performance time during the event will be accommodated only when feasible. Payment is made in cash at the time of the request. The overtime fee is 100€/hour.

If the Client has booked other entertainers, such as singers or musicians, and they require equipment or use the DJ's sound system, the Client or the artist must pay a fee for the equipment hire or the sound system usage. The cost is variable depending on the needs of the event.

Guests are not allowed to use or move the DJ's equipment without permission. The Client is responsible for any damage caused by attendees during the event.

We often take photos or video footage to be used for promotional purposes. If you object to this, please notify us in writing before the event date, and no images or videos will be taken.

If the venue has sound restrictions, we'll try to keep the noise below the threshold. The Client agrees that we're not responsible for any loss of enjoyment caused, and there should be no complaints against the DJ.

For outdoor venues, in case of bad weather, the DJ has the right to stop the performance if it poses a potential danger to him, the equipment, or the audience. The DJ is not responsible for delays or interruptions in service caused by factors outside his control.

The electronic form with your personal music preferences, playlists, and important songs must be filled out according to the DJ's instructions and submitted two weeks before the wedding day.

Music from mobile phones, flash drives, or CDs is not acceptable during the DJ's performance. We will not download music on-site or play music from YouTube. All music planning and preparation must be completed in advance for the best possible flow of the event.

Postponement & Cancelation Policy

By either party, this contract may only be canceled via written email notice.

Cancellation by the Client for any reason will result in the loss of any deposit paid.

If our company has to cancel the booking, we will notify the Client immediately and make all reasonable efforts to find a suitable replacement. If we cannot find a suitable replacement, we will refund the deposit to the Client.

If the Client needs to postpone their booking, they should inform us immediately and in writing via email. If the new date is available and falls within one year of the initial booking date, we will transfer the deposit and booking to the new date at no extra cost.